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Mayor Inday Sara Sinampal sa Open Letter Kay Trillanes "Na confine ka ba ng matagal sa mental?"

Davao City Mayor Inday Sara Duterte finally wrote her open letter against Senator Antonio Trillanes IV who has repeatedly criticized the Presidential family and accused them of being corrupt.

In a Facebook post which already reached 100,000 likes, Mayor Inday Sara criticized the Senator for pretending that he didn’t know the issues of President Rodrigo Duterte when he asked the former Davao City Mayor for help during the last Presidential elections.

She said that the whole world are aware by the issues faced by her father, so it means that the Senator lied again.

She also listed several issues threw against her father in the last two decades of his political career.

She said:

“1995 election issues dds goons, gold and girls
1998 election issues dds goons, gold, girls
2001 election issues ad nauseam
2004 election issues ad nauseam
2007 election issues ad nauseam
2009 CHR Delima dds investigation
2010 election: dds goons, gold, girls, bastos, dynasty
2015 Trillanes asks for support ambisyon VP, was rejected
2016 election issues: same old
2017 Trillanes: “Hindi ko pa kilalang mamamatay tao at magnanakaw ang tatay n’yang si Pres. Duterte, Iba na ngayon, alam ko na ang katotohanan”
Inday Sara pointed that that the issues thrown against President Duterte were the same and old, but it didn’t destroy the reputation of her father for the past two decades. She also asked if the Senator was confined in a ‘mental hospital’ because he didn’t know the issues faced by her father before he asked for help.

“Naconfine ka ba ng matagal sa mental? Alam na ng buong mundo ang isyu pero ikaw hindi mo parin alam? You are lying.” Inday Sara said.

She challenged the Senator who repeatedly asked them to sign the waiver to prove that the alleged bank accounts/documents of President Duterte that he possessed are not fake.

“Maiba pa tayo, since now we have established lying, prove to everybody that piece of shit paper of bank accounts you are waving around is not fake, Pinocchio.” she said.

The presidential daughter slammed the Senator and called him ‘shameless’ for accusing OUR family members of being murderers and thieves while he’s hiding behind parliamentary immunity, it means that the senator is immune from being sued.

“Tigas ng mukha mo magsabi pamilya ng mamatay tao at magnanakaw kami pero nagtatago ka sa parliamentary immunity. Pakita mo bayag mo, huwag mo itago yan sa Senado.” she said.

Inday Sara also said that if VP Binay didn’t fight Senator Antonio Trillanes IV before, it’s now different because a Visayan lady like her would fight until the end.

She added that if he can engage with a President, why would she be afraid to fight a senator.

“If you made VP Binay go away without a fight, ang babae na Bisaya hindi umaatras. Kayangkaya ko makipag away ng tatlong dekada, laking Mindanao ako. Kung ang Presidente ng Pilipinas ay inaaway ko, ikaw pa ba?”

In the last part of her open letter, she said that her silence before doesn’t mean that she’s already afraid with Trillanes, she explained that she’s only trying to avoid a fight between her and the soldier-turned-senator.

Now she challenged Trillanes to prove the his accusations against the Presidential family first.

“Kala mo porket tahimik ako dahil takot ako, kagwang, umiiwas lang ako sa away. Pero may hangganan ang lahat, now is your time to shine..” Inday Sara said.

“Don’t ask us to prove you wrong, prove first na hindi ka nagsisinungaling.” she added.

Yesterday, she revealed that Trillanes asked her for help, but she refused because she doesn’t like the ‘circus’ that the senator did in Manila Peninsula a decade ago.

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